Rivercess County is located in the South-Central part of Liberia and it has 6 Districts, with Cesstos City. The Network Rivercess, Cestos’ Chapter is involve in mobilizing grassroots community’s involvement and commitment in supporting peace-building initiatives in Rivercess County.

Please contact your local county Neutral Dispute Specialist or Coordinator for immediate assistance.

Chapter Coordinator: Kennedy Koloh
Email: keddedy.koloh@libreform.org

County Dispute Resolution
Nonprofit Dispute Resolution
Social Dispute Resolution
School’s Dispute Resolution

The Chapter has the following leadership groups: Elders and Chiefs Counsel – Father Alphonso T. Kuieh, Elder Julia Richard and Mother Manie Jimblack Youth and Young Adult – Gardahyee H. Sobeor, Odell M. Wessah and J. Emmanuel Toby

We strive to culturally resolve the internal conflict of Liberians and to reunify the community.
No matter the differences, we can reason together and begin healing the wounds.