LRN seeks to improved educational system and the health-care facilities already in existence to increase the quality of health and break new grounds to boost livelihood. LRN seeks to restore Liberia socio-economic status, eradicate the high illiteracy rate and prevent the potential possibility of another unpredictable civil war.

LRN seeks the necessary resources to empower under-served individuals, reconcile Liberians and foster a successful human development within the society.

Back To School Supplies – No. 2 pencils, colored pencils, pencils sharpeners (manual with a top to collect shavings). large erasers, ballpoint pens, loose-leaf notebooks paper, rulers with metric measurements, note/copy books, three-holes punch, pencil cases that fits in a binder, binder dividers, pocket folders, folders that fit in binders, book /back bags, calendar or planner for scheduling or recording assignments.

 Education is essential, let’s build our society today.