Environment Cleaning Up Campaign/Community Health Training in Liberia; together we can prevent massive deaths. Promoting affordable and accessible health-care throughout Liberia. Providing health awareness to the community and mobilizing communities involvement in the sensitization of the environment.

Providing tools/materials needed community clean up campaign. Trash Bags, Gloves.

The value and main objective of the Community Health Training program is to educate the community on importance of keeping the environment in which they live clean, which would safe lives. This training initiative will help reduce community deaths from malaria and other common ills, and prevent another outbreak of the gruesome Ebola in Liberia.

Mark Korvayan, right, leader of a Liberian Red Cross burial team, watches his team carry a body of a suspected Ebola victim from the West Point neighborhood in Monrovia, Liberia, Sept. 17, 2014. With the severe shortage of treatment centers, many apparent Ebola patients are dying at home, often infecting family members, neighbors and others in a circle of contagion. (Daniel Berehulak/The New York Times)

  Clean environment equals healthy lives, the phenomenon of educational sensitization in Liberia. The Liberian Reformation Network seeks to partner with other local sensitization organization and the community to build public toilets/latrines to avoid women and children from using unsaved means and continuous pollution of the communities.

Sensitization and public restrooms are serious health issues in Montserrado county, and most part of Liberia, which affects the lives of children playing in the same river.

The Liberian Reformation Network hope is to promote community health training within the communities of West Point, Doe Community, PHP, Clara and Logan Towns, Chicken Soup Factory and Bussy Quarter, prospectively – to reduce the continuous use of the rivers for public restrooms and provide actual public latrines within these undeserved communities.