The Network Educational Department embarks on Bridging Academia Gaps in post war Liberia, West African. Our educational program provides much needed opportunities and assistance to underprivileged children, youths and women who cannot afford their fees the possibility of obtaining meaningful social skills for self-empowerment and education. We provide assistance in the renovation of the educational environment, scholarships, back-to-school supplies, transportation, arm-chairs, blackboards, used and new clothes to empower the less fortunate. We aim to improve the learning environment, reduce the alarming high illiteracy rate and teen prostitution in post war Liberia. 

Currently, the Network is soliciting back-to-school supplies, notebooks, gently used and new clothes, shoes, laptop and desktop computers, USB flash drives, flashlights, and cutlasses to enable farmers and empower education for less privileged children in Liberia, West Africa. Please donate today.  Thank You.

Donate notebooks / back to school supply and change the life of a child today.

The future of Liberia rest on the shoulders of children who are currently underprivileged, yet they are the hope of their nation. Help make their dreams come true.

LRN seeks collaborative partnerships Bridging Academia Gaps (BAG) in postwar Liberia, a proposed BAG-Vision 40/20 could be further liberated.

Our approach to reconciliation and BAG is through humanitarian gesture, providing the basic necessity of life, which promotes the restoration of Liberia.