A girl grieves as she finds out her younger brother was killed by a rocket attack. Rebels attacked downtown Monrovia, allegedly killing more than 50 people.

The truth cannot be more clearly stated, Liberians having gone those horrific and extreme brutalities during the civil, most of the nation population are experiencing some level of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The entire nation witnesses and experienced the killing of love ones by love ones for 14 years. Our mothers and sisters were raped, our fathers and brothers were murdered before our very eyes. Hence, no one have is speaking on the psychological effect the entire nation suffered, which is tearing the fabric of the society and the negative impact of PTSD, or those traumatic affects it has on our people.

The Dennis Community Center of the Liberian Reformation Network is seeking professional help from trained psychologist and psychiatrist, organizations and institutions, the United Nations and other sympathizing nations, as well as, permanent professional within the society, to assist the Dennis Community Center in collaboration with the Liberian Reformation Network with trauma inform care training of Liberians and the establishment of our resource center for conflict resolution and reconciliation. We desire to implement a campaign to enlighten the masses about the effect and impact of PTSD and how to provide some level of assistance to our people.

We are hopeful that our partners, sponsors/donors and partnerships would help us designed some short term implementable and measurable resulting goals, with vivid details on treatments and interventions, as our people and nation have suffered far too long. Drawing from our social perspective, with the overwhelming statistics of the United Nations, in regard to national illiteracy rate at 60.8 percent – majority of our youths are illiterate, both girls and boys 15-24. This is an indication that our nation lacks the mobilization and inspirational motivation to influence the pursuit of education. Therefore, the Liberian Reformation Network seeks to medialize her innovative communication of Community Involvement Educational Competition, which will promote the attribute and gratitude of intellectual’s education.

Our goal here is to liberate our society and our social fabric is at the brink of disintegration. It is absolutely our goals and mindset to restore the dignity and integrity of our nations, as our Liberian civil war have mentally deranged our nation. The Liberian Reformation Network reconciliation process/programs shall promote intersectional cultural competence as means to increase intercultural awareness and tribal diversity with the populations. LRN will foster sustainable emerging tranquility in Liberia–from a humility perspective to motivate serve to child welfare and the aging populations. The Liberian Reformation Network in collaboration with the Dennis Community Center and other collaborating institutions and organizations, as well as, governmental and nongovernmental entities within the local communities, shall work together to prevent and resolve Liberians internal conflicts. The Liberian Reformation Network seeks to mobilize and motivate conflict resolution programs and promote reintegration within the Liberian society.

 The Dennis Community Center shall serve as a resource center for job training, job applications, post dramatic stress and support the reintegration of former child-soldiers through a promotion of comprehensive conflict resolution and reunification. The Dennis Community Center shall focus on marginalized populations and assist families on a need-to-need basic in its reintegration and rehabilitation into the society and work force. The Dennis Community Center shall advocate for social transformation and equal opportunities for all Liberians regardless of tribal affiliations, counties of original and status.

LRN welcomes all nationalities and tribal groups.

LRN will address individuals, tribal, and counties dispute by remaining neutral, objective, transparent, and by providing those necessary trainings needed to implement her vision and mission in collaboration with the Dennis Community Center. LRN will approach all difficult problems with clarity, and could seek professional conflict resolutions institutions and rehabilitation intervention groups in difficult situations. LRN recognizes the possibility of failure as an acceptable risk.


The Liberian Reformation Network and the Dennis Community Center actively seek complementary partnerships and works, nonpolitical non/governmental institutions, for profit and nonprofit, and permanent individuals within the society to combat discriminatory segregations, provide meaningful assistance to marginalized groups, reintegration, empowerment, prevent violent and monitor nongovernmental dialogues between citizens and prominent society leaders within Liberia.

Monitoring Conflicts

The Dennis Community Center and the Liberian Reformation Network seek to train and empower Liberians within their counties as Conflict Monitors and Managers in resolving primary and secondary disputed issues. The Dennis Community Center will provide the tolls, means and intervening avenues for mediation and resolution. As the monitoring center for conflict resolutions, the Dennis Community Center will at all times monitor and evaluate progressing attributes and seek possibilities to ease the tensions peacefully. Based on careful research and analysis of the Liberian internal conflicts, the Liberian Reformation Network and the Dennis Community Center will be prepared and will continuously prepared to take appropriate action on imperative and pressing issues, as we work with international and local communities organization and institutions.


Implementing and Preventing Conflict

LRN emphasizes true advocacy, reconciliation, reunification and reintegration as action and measurable results for the restoration of Liberia. The results of each implemented program will be based on the completed resolved issues. In order to have a nonbiased result, every participating member/individual or group within the conflict resolution, will be held accountable to adequately go through the entire reconciliation process, demonstrate a willingness to resolve the issue and implement all agreements reached in good faith. As a neutral third party facilitating the dialogue between parties with dispute or indifference for a resolution of peace, the Dennis Community Center will emphasize preventing conflicts measures, and shall approach all parties with mutual respect, dignity of the whole-person, and shall stay neutral through the entire negotiations, monitoring, facilitating of the reconciliation process.