The Director, Charles Cecil Dennis III, and Co-Directors, Samuel K. Doe Jr, and Winston A. Tolbert are equal victims of assassinated fathers of political propaganda. Their reconciliation, reunification and co-directorship is symbolic to the aims of the Liberian Reformation Network Incorporated. They believe by reconciling their long political and historical difference, they can reconcile the societal difference, reunify and reintegrate the community into productive restored society. Their confident and optimistic in the cultural reconciliation for the restoration of Liberia is exemplary.

We have seen the power of unity over loathing bitterness. We speak as sons living with the constant knowledge that every day is another day without our fathers, but dreadful memories of how they were inhumanly brutalized and subsequently assassination publicly. We stand reconciled as brothers in the quest of reconciliation for the restoration of our nation.

Through our exemplified team work we have illustrated and demonstrated that a rehabilitated mindset can bridge the gap of decay-long differences. Our story begin a new chapter in the history of our nation, as people who have suffered horrible nightmares of extreme violent and unimaginable public-humiliating deaths.

We have tasted the fruit of brotherly love over sentimental hostility. We seek a Memorialized National Reconciliation Day, as a National Holiday in Liberia and the diaspora, to commemorate love ones killed during our civil war, and symbolize the commonality of the hope we share.

Every child, parent and family member who have lived in the shallows of such painful memorials – is called upon to join LRN Inc.’s quest of reconciliation for the restoration of Liberia. Let us put aside individual’s differences, the unpleasant acrimony of our youths and embrace harmony.

Displaced people take belongings as they escape from the fighting in Monrovia, Liberia during the country’s civil war on July 27, 2003. Photo by Kuni Takahashi

We are the children of persistent ancestors, and our consistency will ensure our success. Let us not allow pitiful propaganda and animosity to continuously cultivate hostility and bitterness between us, nor hatch hatred among our children’s children. We can end this unpleasant circle of resentment that neither of us are responsible of, and undo the enmity that splits us as people.