The Progressive Women of LRN is an innovative inspirational empowerment branch of the network. The Progressive Women aim to support girls and women self-empowerment to reduce socioeconomic hardship through educational means, vocational skills training, and counseling for reconciliation and community building.

We seek like-minded women and groups in the diaspora and in Liberia to fundamentally improve the livelihood of needed girls and women through motivating activities and educational empowerment.

We aim to establish women visibility in Liberia by empowering women to self-advocate within the society for fair and equal treatments of women. We believe women are as capable as men and therefore, the right of women must be respected and protected as human rights.

The inclusiveness of Liberian women in the internal conflict resolution of Liberia as “Peace Ambassadors” would not only promote and strengthen  women involvement in the reunification and reintegration process cultural resolution; but it would also significantly decrease the hostility of neglected youths, ex-combatants, and unemployed citizens.

Girls and women empowerment would also reduce women dependency, unemployment, teenagers sexual assaults, suspicious hatred, homelessness, psychological and physical trauma suffered by Liberians at the result of the war.

For many years women have walked a lonesome valley while being supportive of every achievements. We are formulating strategies to increase the presence of women in leadership and in the transformation of our society. Therefore, the Progressive Women of the LRN is inviting all women organization of Liberia – to join in the reconciliation of Liberia.