Who We Are:

The Liberian Reformation Network Incorporated is fundamentally a nonpolitical, nongovernmental, nonviolent and a not-for-profit re-conciliatory advocacy network. We are activists of Cultural Alternative Dispute Resolution, advocating for human dignity and the socioeconomic transformation of Liberia.

Our approaches are through non-governmental dialogues, nonviolent events and humanitarian services. We assist the less privileged within the community as we engage them into cultural conflict resolution We promote the right to education, self-determination, self-empowerment, better living, safe drinking water and environment, fair and equal treatment within the society regardless of social identity.

Who We Are Not:

  • LRN is not a political party and shall not turn into a political party.
  • LRN does not endorse vindictive resolution but cultural resolution for collaborative reconciliation, reintegration and reunification of Liberia.
  • LRN is non-tribalistic, non-biased and is committed to its vision and mission. We view cultural reconciliation as productive approaches to the Liberian internal civil conflict resolution.
  • LRN supports the social and economic inclusiveness of Liberians in her own dispute resolution that promotes stability amongst Liberians. We advocate for equal opportunities within the society, regardless of tribal affliction and social status.

What We Aim to Accomplish:

The Network aims to achieve cultural reconciliation and resolve the Liberian conflict – through a nonpolitical, nongovernmental and nonviolent dialogues and humanitarian approach. Since 2016, the Network has been advocating for cultural alternative dispute reconciliation, supporting education and assisting individual accomplish self-determination and self-empowerment.

  • LRN is committed to soliciting all necessary resource to address the Liberian internal dispute for a suitable resolution, including soliciting training materials and conducting mediating training for peace building facilitation and negotiating workshops.
  • LRN is driven to empowering and helping Liberians meet a peaceful resolution to rebuild their lives and redevelopment their communities.
  • LRN aims to identify issues to be resolved, train conflict mediators, monitor and facilitate negotiating conflict mediators and post them at various institutions, schools, colleges and universities, employment sites, hospital, communities’ clinic, and within different social groups to reduce and resolved conflicts arising within the society; from divisive messages, hate speeches, rape, to harassment of social and tribal discrimination.
  • LRN trained (CM) conflict mediators will helps disputants come up with solution, work collaboratively with institutions leadership in problem-solving to maintain stability and reduce conflict or dispute with the best-practical approach tailor to the society culture.
  • LRN’s continuous conflict mediating workshops, training and informative conflict management approaches would reduce social tension, divisive messages, vindictive approaches and tribal discrimination.

The Liberian Reformation Network was established by Charles Cecil Dennis III. Born in Liberia, West Africa – Cecil tragically lost both parents at an early age to brutal assassination and food poisoning. During the Liberian civil unrest, he was forced to watch as his sisters were savagely raped and subsequently murdered by combatants. His compassion for reconciliation is deeply rooted in his realization that unification is the key of coexistence.

Cecil possessed a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and is currently obtaining his Master Degree in Conflict Resolution. 

The Network strongly condemns hate messages and divisive rhetoric meant to incite violence amongst Liberians. The Network calls on anyone in the habit of preaching hate messages and discriminatory segregation amongst Liberians to desist from such inappropriate conducts.

Our programs, projects and post-conflict counseling workshop encourages the oppressed and depressed and advocate for marginalized groups reintegration. We mobilize and support individuals and communities empowerment and participation in the renovation of damage schools.

Affirmative Action

LRN affirmative action of cultural resolution (RCR) – are possible alternatives re-conciliatory approaches that are applies to national and international human rights, basic needs and social identities inclusion.

  • LRN supports national and international committees on equity issues: the national and international committee on peaceful resolution and security; socioeconomic efficiency and Cultural Rights.
  • LRN will assist organizations and institutions in designing and developing effective alternative dispute resolution approaches to manage both internal and external conflict.
  • LRN strongly condemns and disassociates herself from any discriminatory prejudice that uses unsubstantial descriptions of a social and tribal group, promote hate messages or divisive rhetoric directing against any tribal group that dehumanizes their social identity, economic well-being and the social inclusiveness of the group.

  • LRN frequent informative and training workplaces of dispute resolution and management will enhance community coexistence and improve socioeconomic transformation within the society.

Inc. provides back to school supplies, clothing, shoes, computers and safe driving water to the underprivileged.